Living Intentionally in 2019

Many people cheerfully and hopefully set New Year’s resolutions. While there is nothing wrong with this tradition, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to some to do this exercise. Do I want to aim to lose 30lbs? Pay off $10,000 in school loan debt? Buy a house? Start a family? As an alternative, focus on your intentions in the coming months. With less than 8% of resolutions being successfully achieved, it may make more sense for you to be more intentional in your planning in 2019, rather than setting lofty goals without real plans in place. Think about the ideas you have for yourself in the coming months and whether or not you’re taking the proper steps toward those plans to see them through.

Whichever way you decide to ring in the New Year, we at Healthy Connections wish you a safe and happy holiday, with lots of fulfilling, healthy connections.