Healthy Connections provides mental health therapy to individuals, couples, children and families in a safe, open and welcoming environment. 


For individuals, we provide therapy aimed at resolving personal and interpersonal issues. We have experience treating clients dealing with anxiety, depression, personal grief and loss, obsessive compulsive disorder and other life challenges. Treatment often includes psychoeducation on communication, boundary setting, self-esteem and self care.

For couples, we offer therapy at all stages of relationships including married and unmarried couples. We provide premarital counseling and newlywed counseling for those just beginning their relationships who are looking to build strong foundations. We also help couples navigate difficulties and work toward resolving relationship issues.

For children and families, we offer therapy to help develop strong family connections. We help children navigate issues at home and school. For parents, we work with our clients to establish constructive parenting skills in an effort to establish a healthy home environment.

We are open and welcoming to all clients, couples and families wanting to establish or rekindle healthy connections in their lives.

Healthy Connections accepts insurance from Cigna, Highmark and UPMC health plans as well as private pay.